Good vision enables people to live life to its fullest potential, allowing them to get on the right bus, do better at work or in school, and see the world clearly.

For three years prior to the clinic’s launch, local optometrists Leonard Silverman, OD, and Mitchell Dobrzelewski, OD, voluntarily saw Care Free Medical patients who needed free eye care in their own private practices.

The friends continued to see an increase in patient referrals from the medical clinic and set out to open a clinic under Care Free Medical. Timing being everything, Pablo Quiroga, MD, donated his medical office to Care Free upon retirement and the optometry clinic opened June 4, 2008, in the donated space. In 2019, the optometry clinic moved to our current building, which also houses our medical and dental clinics. The optometry clinic is home to three well-furnished exam rooms and two diagnostic rooms with modern technology and a comfortable atmosphere. Everyone from infants to the elderly is seen with the same Care Free Medical philosophy of quality, compassionate, and affordable care.

Our Services

Call (517) 887 5922 for additional eligibility for those without insurance, the incarcerated or just released from prison, and migrant farm workers.

Meet our Volunteers

Mitchell Dobrzelewski, O.D.

DeWitt Optometry

Jeffrey Koets, O.D.

DeWitt Optometry

Leonard Silverman O.D.

Okemos Optometry

Volunteer Optometrists Needed

Additional volunteer optometrists and eye care professionals are urgently needed to expand patient hours and serve greater numbers of people in need.